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About Us

Welcome to Almo Sack Exporters (Pty) Ltd.
We are one of leading suppliers and exporters of Eco-Friendly Jute /Gunny /Hessian Bags, Jute Yarn, Jute Cloths, jute Sliver and other jute Products. At Almo Sack Exporters, we are committed to the best practices in this respective business arena by putting our combined team professional service, effective management policies. As part of our promise to grow as a business hub, we are working with dedication and utmost professional devotion to come up with the new changes and challenges.

Almo Sack Exporters is dedicated to the highest quality service on behalf of our clients. Our firm's values reflect a passion for excellence, personalized service, integrity and commitment. We measure our success based on each client's requirements and their satisfaction with the quality, competitive price and delivery. We are committed to improvements on all aspects of our operations.
Jute Yarn
∗ Sacking
∗ Hessian
∗ CB
∗ CRX etc.

a) Count range: 8.0 to 96 lbs ( 275 to 3310/Tex).
b) Count Ply: 2 to 8 ply.
c) Spool: Wooden, plastic, paper cones, core less etc.
d) Winding: Mack roll & Precision.

Jute Cloth
∗ Sacking
∗ Hessian
∗ Soil saver
∗ Poly Laminated cloth
∗ Nursery Cloth etc.

Jute Bags
∗ B-Twill
∗ Binola
∗ Cutt B-Twill
∗ Heavy Cees
∗ Light Cees
∗ Suger-Twill
∗ Hessian Bag
∗ Poly Laminated Seed Bag etc.

Jute Sliver
∗ Jute sliver in roll form.

Jute Sliver
a) Yarn and Rope may be packed in stretch wrapped pallet or Gunny bags and paper made cartons.
b) Cloth and Bags may be packed in Hydraulic pressed bales wrapped with Hessian pack sheets.

Almo Sack Exporters offers a wide range of the above products in standard as well as in customized options and offer services of printing.
We are confident of offering better services, some of the reasons why you can select us against the others is we provide high quality jute products with value pricing for your purchase and have the ability to provide the right products at the right time.