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Welcome To Almo Sack Exporters

Worldwide Exporter Of Quality Jute Products

Quality Policy

Our first priority is to maintain the quality and accurate schedule of our overseas customers to make ourselves competitive globally. Our policy is customer satisfaction. We do not compromise on the question of quality.

Delivery Information

We love our international clients, and we are ready to ship anywhere. Depending on the size of your order, we work with the most reliable freight forwarders. And we do all the necessary work to ensure that your order reaches you safely and quickly.

Why Choose Us?

1). Outstanding support
2). Best products for sale
3). Fast delivery
4). Trusted quality
5). 30 Days Money refund guaranteed
6). Lifetime updates & support

About Us

Welcome to Almo Sack Exporters, South Africa.
We are one of leading suppliers and exporters of Eco-Friendly Jute /Gunny /Hessian Bags, Jute Yarn, Jute Cloths, jute Silver and other jute Products. At Almo Sack Exporters, we are committed to the best practices in this respective business arena by putting our combined team spirit, professional service, effective management policies. As part of our promise to grow as a business hub, we are working with dedication and utmost professional devotion to come-up with the new changes and challenges.

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Our Factory

Almo Sack Exporters

Our first priority is to maintain the quality and accurate schedule of our overseas customers to make ourselves competitive globally.

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What Clients Say

We are an expert in the field of all types of jute products. We can help you gain trust from your customers with quality packaging of your goods

Read throug our testimonies of what our clients are saying about ourcompany and our bahs.

Laurel Bray

From USA

Almo Sack Exporters are fast, friendly and great at communication. We have relied on their Jute Bags for our multiple marketing products and have been thrilled with our products! Quality results at a wallet-friendly price.

Date: 12 Nov 2020

Abu Hanifa

From Sudan

We ordered 2 Million Hessian Sack from Almo Sack Exporters and have them delivered in 21 days just as they promised. Their prices are so good and affordable, their Bags are of high quality and I recomment every company that need Juts Bags to order from them.

Date: 26 Feb 2019

Caihong Jìngyi

From China

Very Friendly People at Almo Sack Exporters. Fast order processing and goods are always delivered on time. I love their expertise when it come to customer care. We last order 3,000,000 Jute Twill bags for our small rice factory and they are of top quality

Date: 11 April 2021

Putri Farah

From Malaysia

Jute World Exporter is our main supplier of just and Hessian bags. They are very reliable and have friendly customer care service. their bags are quality and I strong recomment them to any company that wants to do business with them. our last order was 5 x 40ft containers of Hessian jute bags and Jute Sliver.

Date: 05 Jan 2021

Our Featured Products

Jute Gunny Bags /Sack

Packing Capacity: 90-100 Kg
Gross Weight: 1360 gm (3.00 lbs) each
Dimension: 122 cm x 71 cm (48" x 28")
Bales: 300 Sacks/Bale
MOQ: 45 Bales (One 20’ FCL)

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Jute Hessian Bags /Sack

Dimension: 76 cm x 35 cm
Fabrics: 305 GSM
Gross Weight: 170 gm each
Bales: 1000 Sacks/Bale
MOQ: 90 Bales (One 20’ FCL)

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Jute Sliver

Batch: (BTD,BTC, BTE Cutting)
Size: 5″ Dia
Color: As per requirement of Buyers
Packing: pallet or truss
Available Quality: Sacking, Hessian, CB, CRM, CRT, CRX, Meshta.
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